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WiScope® or WiTorch® not discoverable in WiCollab®WiScope® or WiTorch® is in router mode and the app device is not connected to the same Wi-Fi networkHard reset WiTorch® or WiScope® connection mode by 5 second hold of top two buttons simultaneously to return the WiScope® WiTorch® to P2P mode. Clearing WiCollab® app cache is secondary solution. Clearing WiCollab® app data is tertiary solution.
WiScope® or WiTorch® unable to connect to WiCollab®WiScope® or WiTorch® favorited a different network than attempting to connect to.Select “Manage Networks” of tool, and unfavorite previously connected device.
Image on display is frozenTool processor locked upCycle power of WiScope® or WiTorch® by holding power button for 10 seconds and then turning the unit back on by pressing the power button again.