The Visionary Company®

Inspectron empowers technicians with integrated imaging tools and solutions to get their jobs done.

Hundreds of thousands of technicians use Inspectron designed tools and technologies to inspect, diagnose and maintain vehicles, engines, equipment, buildings, pipes and drains all over the world.

Our Expertise

Inspectron is the leading and largest supplier of industrial videoscopes and imaging inspection systems across all the trades.

Our engineering team continuously develop innovative and cutting-edge technologies for inspections tools that are designed to suit our clients’ needs.

Our IP is developed inhouse. Our supply chain and production departments deliver the highest quality tools on all continents.

Inspectron Tools

We design, engineer, and manufacture professional-grade inspection tools and systems developed for inside, outside and on-board visual diagnostics. These tools actively assist frontline workers and field technicians to get their jobs done, fast and efficiently.

Apps and Cloud Services

Our technologies are enhanced by software services enabling real time communication and comprehensive data management. We offer both end-to-end and fully tailored solutions that integrate into your systems.

OEM Tools

We partner with some of the world’s best tool companies to develop and manufacture their videoscope programs. Our OEM customers have the largest market share in their markets and are leading the videoscope category with innovative quality tools.