Make frustrating recovery effortless

Hold it and manoeuvre it like a regular videoscope. Once your object is located, you can retrieve it with a simple trigger of the tynes. Ideal and unique tool to grab a cable or recover small parts in engines and other confined spaces.


Grab or retrieve electrical wiring behind walls and installations that are difficult to access. You can also use the Grabber to install wiring for home speakers or security systems.

Built to survive the harshest working conditions

The Grabber is designed to enable thorough optic inspection in various aqueous exposed piping environments. At the same time, it can help unclog obstructed pipes and drains, and extract debris from gutters and sewers.


Seek. Find. Recover.

Patented and unique, the Grabber is a combination of a retrieval tool and a videoscope. It is a dual-purpose inspection and recovery tool that extends your reach beyond the visible.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • No need for expensive tear-down
  • Fast and efficient retrieval
  • Can be used for a broad range of applications
  • Ideal for the DIY'er, mechanics, engineers, and technicians

Technical specifications

2.7” color LCD

1m imager length

18.5mm imager diameter

640×480 imager resolution

80° diagonal field of view

Push button user interface

Removeable tines

4 level zoom control

6 step LED control

180° image rotation

Holds up to 30 pictures

Power by 4 AA batteries