Inspect the outside

The WiTorch® is the first HD video flashlight designed to improve service and inspection processes.

It combines barcode, QR code and OCR reader with the ability to capture pictures and videos. It’s noise cancelling microphone will help capturing the right sounds so that voice annotations can be clearly heard in any environment. The WiTorch has been designed for operations in a wide variety of use cases where mobility in harsh and dark industrial environments is required. Its high-quality WiFi capabilities connects the device seamlessly to the WiFi network in wide shop floors.

Capture + store

Capture image, voice-over comments, video, and sound to archive and provide easy access to third parties.


Live streaming with multiple stakeholders to connect the workshop with service matter experts in real time.


Chat and whiteboarding functions help assisting the repair of idle equipment.

Ideal for training

Collaborative Maintenance data can be used for the training of operators and service technicians. Data can also be used for engineering design improvements of parts and components.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • Fast and efficient repair processes
  • Shortened downtime
  • Live access to the factory floor
  • Traceability of service calls

Technical specifications

HD camera (1080p)

2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi

QR code & Bar code scanning/ OCR reader

1,000 lumen flashlight

Built-in noise cancelling microphone

Laser pointer

IP54 rating

WiTorch knowledge base