Sanitary and Plumbing

Inspection to avoid water and sewage waste

Considered by many drain inspection professionals as one of the most valuable tools in their tool bags, inspection cameras will find leaks and blockages in conduits over short and long distances.


Our inspection cameras provide optimal flexibility and manoeuvrability, so that visual inspections can be carried out through the many twists, turns, and bends of sewer lines and plumbing pipes.


Our HD cameras and expertise in LED lighting allow the experts to locate issues in very hostile visibility environments.


Given the environments in which our inspection systems need to operate, we’ve engineered them to the highest standards for increased durability and longevity, particularly in aqueous exposed piping environments.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • Optimal maneuverability
  • Record, upload and instantly share inspection footage via the cloud
  • Durable and reliable in aqueous environments