Industrial maintenance

Reduce down time, improve collaboration

Our professional-grade inspection tools are being used in many industrial applications that require remote visual inspections. Our tools enable engineers to find problems quickly so that downtime can be prevented or reduced to a minimum.

The Swiss knife of industrial inspection

Our tools ​can be used to examine a diverse range of equipment. Applications typically include tubing and pipe inspection for defective welds and corrosion, the inspection of pumps and valves to maintain proper operation as well as the inspection of bearings and gears for premature wear.

Optimize your operations

By providing improved communication across applications and processes, our imaging systems raise the speed and quality of field service and optimize your operations by increasing the effectiveness and value of existing or new processes.

Improve collaboration

Our tools can be connected to our Cloud based service, making it much quicker and easier for employees and experts working in different locations to access information and collaborate. This helps to streamline processes and means more work gets done in less time.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • Fast and efficient inspection and repair processes
  • Reduced downtime
  • Extended service life
  • Live access to the factory floor
  • Traceability of service calls