Other industries

Mission critical tools in many industries

Our inspection systems are remarkably versatile and have proven to be instrumental in the performance of routine maintenance and inspection tasks across a wide range of other industries.

HVAC maintenance

Our inspection tools are used to inspect Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Preventive maintenance and control of the overall health of HVAC units are saving from costly repairs. Our UV imagers help tracing dyes and tracers to find leaks and avoid gases to leak in the environment.

General contractors

The construction industry needs videoscope to inspect potential issues behind walls, like inadequate structural integrity, leakages, harmful mold or pests.

Security control

The need for security checks is growing exponentially in many fields. Our imaging systems facilitate security checks and help speed up inspections on ships, aircraft, buildings, vehicles, and freight.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • Fast and efficient repair processes
  • Shortened idle downtime
  • Live access to the factory floor
  • Traceability of service calls