Connect the field with the experts

WiCollab® is a collaborative maintenance software connecting front-line technicians with remote subject matter experts. Remote assistance with direct view and understanding of the issue helps companies saving time, travel cost and equipment idle time.

Get your team up-and running in no time

Our proprietary software brings the benefits of inspection tools to a completely new level. With its remarkably intuitive interface, your field personnel will seamlessly be supported and will be able to get their jobs done fast, safely and cost efficiently.

Improve collaboration

WiCollab® makes it easier for team members working in different locations to access information and interact with remote experts. This helps to streamline processes and means more work gets done in less time.

Get a lot more out of your inspections

WiCollab® includes the ability to archive video and sound, livestreaming with multiple stakeholders, easy access for third parties, and cloud connectivity.

WiCollab® knowledge base