Inspect the inside

The WiScope® is a WIFI HD videoscope that pairs with external screen devices. It offers all the functionalities of a HD videoscope. Its digital capabilities enable the WiScope to livestream the inspection or store images and videos on the cloud.

Real time communication

The WiScope® connects to a workstation, diagnostics tablet, or smartphone either in ad- hoc mode or over an existing WIFI. Sharing an inspection live, through pictures or video, has never been easier.

Store images directly in the cloud

The WiScope® can send high-definition images and video streams directly to Wi Cloud – our any dedicated cloud service, while also being viewed locally. Real time sharing of the inspection jobs are used for remote assistance, training, recalls, and warranty procedures.

Maximum application flexibility

A wide range of fixed and articulated imagers with forward and dual view cameras are offered to customize the tool for specific applications.

Improved service and inspection processes

  • Maximum flexibility for a broad range of applications
  • Fast and efficient repair processes
  • Shortened idle downtime
  • Live access to the factory floor

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi

HD camera (1280×720 resolution)

Cloud connectivity – stream rate 15-25 frames /second

Up-is-UpTM self-levelling technology

QR code & Bar code scanning/ OCR reader

HD dual view imagers from Ø3.8mm – Ø8.5mm

5.5mm Articulation

IP69 waterproof rating (imagers)

Rechargeable battery with 4 hour run time

WiScope® knowledge base