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Tool Registration

*Enterprise accounts – refer to directions from your system administrator*

  1. Turn on connected device (tablet, phone, etc.)​
  2. Go to application store on device and search “WiCollab.” Select and install the WiCollab app. App icon to the right. 
  3. Once installed, open the app, and allow app access to device location, photos and media, and record audio for optimal use.​
  4. On the home login screen, follow these prompts:​
    • Click on “sign up.”​​
    • Enter tool serial number, click validate​.
    • Enter username​.
    • Enter “first name” and “last name.”​​
    • Enter and confirm “email,” click sign up. An email will be sent to you to create a password. ​
    • Sign into WiCollab app, using your created username and password​.
  5. Power on WiScope, the tool will appear on screen after ~30 seconds to a minute.​
    • If the tool does not appear on screen after a minute, pull down on device screen to refresh search​.
    • 12-digit MAC address will appear with tool, verify it matches MAC address on handle of tool​
  6. Click WiScope “Connect” button and select connection type between:​
    • P2P: Connection is established between device and tool via tool hotspot. Limited tool and app functionality​
    • Wireless Network: Connection is established between device, tool, and surrounding wireless network. Full tool and app functionality​
      • Select network and enter password​.
        • Connecting to a network can take up to a minute. ​
  7. Once on the tool streaming screen, the tool can be controlled via the buttons on the tool or via the app buttons. ​See below for instructions on full button guidance.