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Button Pad and LED Indicators

Button Pad Button Actions

Some of the buttons on the WiTorch® have standalone functions that work without the app, and some of the buttons only function to send commands to the connected app.  The table below lists the functions and whether they work standalone.

ButtonPress TimeStandalone ActionBehavior
Power7sYesTurn on/off
 MomentaryYesCapture photo
 MomentaryYesStart / Stop video (app must be in video mode)
Battery Charge StatusBattery LED Status
Not ChargingLED is OFF
ChargingRed (solid)
Fully ChargedGreen (solid)
Wi-Fi StatusWi-Fi LED IndicatorLED Indicator Ring
P2P mode, not connected to appGreen (blinking)OFF
P2P mode, connected to appGreen (solid)OFF, while not in Live View Green (solid), while in Live View
Router mode, not connected to appBlue (blinking)OFF
Router mode, connected to appBlue (solid)OFF, while not in Live View Blue (solid), while in Live View