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Imager Overview

To switch imagers, first, turn the unit off.  Then pinch and hold the sides of the connector and pull imager out of the unit.  To connect an imager, align the male notches on the imager connector with the female notches on the unit (or handle) and insert.

Available Imagers

930-0258 – 5.5mm diameter, 24-inch articulating imager

923-0579 – 5.5mm diameter, 36-inch dual view imager

923-0582 – 3.8mm diameter, 36-inch forward view imager

923-0581 – 3.8mm diameter, 36-inch side view imager

923-0576 – 8.5mm diameter, 36-inch dual view imager

923-5026 – 8.5mm diameter, 36-inch UV imager