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WiTorch® Operation

Outside of the flashlight and laser pointer features, the WiTorch® requires a companion application to operate. If your WiTorch®’s companion application is NOT Inspectron’s WiCollab®, please refer to your organization’s instruction guide or contact your system administrator. If you plan to use the WiTorch® with the Inspectron WiCollab® companion application, follow the below registration instructions.

WiTorch® can be controlled by both the buttons on the device, and the buttons through the WiCollab® app. The screen will differ, depending on what mode you are in and the feature you’re engaging with. See below for an overview of each mode and feature. NOTE – * means the same function can be actioned on the WiTorch® button pad.

This overview showcases functionality of all subscription levels. Locked features are highlighted in orange.

“WiCollab® Live Video +” features include Live Video Calling (i.e. Remote Assistance) and increased Wi Cloud™ storage. To unlock premium features, contact your system administrator or device reseller.

WiCollab® is designed to be used with tablets and select voice-controlled headsets (see WiCollab® page for reference). All commands can be controlled via the tool, the app buttons, or the voice commands (if your device has them).

WiCollab® Operation Instructions