inspect the outside

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Digital Inspection

Use the WiTorch to document the vehicle inspection process. The WiTorch is durable and designed to be used with gloves. Scan the VIN and start the inspection process with the WiTorch.


The WiTorch can scan a VIN and initiate a predelivery inspection. Document the condition of the vehicle to share with the OEM or the customer.

Share what yous see, fix it, move on.


Use the WiScope and WiTorch to create efficiency in the warranty reporting process. Scan a VIN and Asscoiate all images and videos collected to that VIN. Store in the cloud and give access to your OEM representative in real time. Show before and after images for traceability in the warranty process.

Technical Specifications

Wifi connected

HD camera

Cloud connectivity

Up-is-UpTM self-levelling technology

QR code/Bar code scanning

Profesionnal torch light

Builtin microphone

Laser pointer

Wearable computing accessories

IP67 rating