Drive precision with hands-free inspection

RealWear and Inspectron have partnered to reduce technician’s mean time to repair through voice-controlled hands-free inspections. Paired together, RealWear and Inspectron allows your workforce to carry out diagnostic inspections quicker and more accurately than before.

The collaboration between Realwear Navigator™ 520 and Inspectron WiScope® is game changing! I get my diagnosis and inspection jobs done faster, and I now have my hands-free to find leaks and prevent tear downs.


Adam Freeman, Sr. Master Technician, Long McArthur Ford


Reduce Meantime to Repair

Save technician’s up to 6 hours per week with faster inspections and less reporting time.

Improve NPS

Empower your workforce to perform faster, more accurate repairs. Increase customer satisfaction with more picture and video sharing.

Enhance your Margins

Line-of-sight inspecting helps complete ROs up to 50% quicker, increase overall productivity and gather more relevant data.